Linen Suits for Men | Why you should wear one

If you are serious about looking your best when dressing casual, men’s linen suits will get you there.When it comes to the warm weather and mens suit fashion, one item shouldn’t be ignored. Linen suits for men. When wearing a tennis shirt is not enough, I would strongly consider wearing a Linen Suit. The reason is simple really. Wearing a Men’s Linen Suit looks fantastic. It has the type of style that says you’re on vacation. When you see a man wearing a linen suit, they usually have sophistication and money to boot. If you  have ever been to either a tropical destination or toured the south of France, you will surely see someone wearing a linen suit.

white linen suit

White Linen Suit for Men

Mens Linen Suits Breathe Best.

The linen fabric was made for the warm weather and has been known since the time of the Pharaohs. Take that wonderful breathable linen fabric and construct it into a two piece suit and you have a winner. Mens Linen suits look best when they are two piece and single breasted with an Italian cut. Personally I like the peaked lapels on a Linen suit. You can find peaked lapels on a double breasted suit. Don’t worry if your Linen suit wrinkles because it’s just part of the charm and style of a Casual look. Remember, you’re not wearing it to the office. Wearing a Linen suit is also The thing to wear to a Beach wedding just because of how great you’ll look with the sea breezes blowing through the fabric.

Wealthy Men who live in the Tropics Wear Linen.

In the tropics, aristocrats were known to wear linen suits everyday and would often change them several times a day to maintain their appearance. In the 1980s, the white linen suit became huge with the show Miami Vice. This wasn’t just a basic style mens linen suit. It was a whole new animal. It was called an UN-constructed linen suit. An UN-constructed suit is a far more casual style linen suit. Simply put, it is a mens linen suit that does not have the traditional features that a regular suit has. Most men’s suits have fully lined jackets that both hide the traditional construction seams as well as make them more luxurious and easier to get in and out of.

The Miami Vice Show Brought Linen Suits Back.

Linen Miami Vice Suit

Don Johnson Miami Vice

On a Miami vice style linen suit, there is no traditional suit jacket lining. You can see the exposed seams in the back of the jacket. Some jackets may have either  a half lining in the back that comes down partially or some not at all. The jackets also had padded shoulders which gave the these linen suits a certain silhouette that didn’t exist previously. Don Johnson just had a way of wearing these UN-constructed Linen Suits with pair of casual canvas shoes that became a huge fashion trend.

In Conclusion

Fortunately for now, the Miami Vice look has faded away and mens linen suits are back to looking more like traditional suits but made out of linen. They are still casual of course and never to be worn to the office or formal affairs. If you are the type of man who seriously takes his style and image seriously, a linen suit is a great Summer suit choice. Like everything else in fashion, the linen suit has made a huge comeback.